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5 Rick Ford quotes:

"That's to control the flow of traffic so that the public does not get into the non-public areas."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We met with VCC and Carter, relayed the information and within a couple of days they were expanding this wall out to meet the requirements."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"The stations have two buttons. One is for information where you can ask for directions and the other is emergency. They are designed not only to protect the infrastructure from a security point of view, but many of the call boxes focus the nearest cameras on the area during an emergency."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"The overriding consideration on everyone's mind was to get the Certificate of Occupancy. It was issued on the first inspection by the fire inspector, which was an extremely important goal because you can have all the businesses open, but if you can't park anywhere, it's not going to do you any good."
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"I told everybody the standard was unconstitutional,"
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Constitution Quotes

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