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John Marks Quotes

8 John Marks quotes:

"It's a testament to the guys of being competitors. That's why we won 45 games because these guys come to play. This is a competitive group of players. They seem to play hard when they have to. We had 14 players (Friday) and 13 (Saturday). I just hope we have a little gas left in the tank."
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"We had four penalties in the third period which allowed them to tie the game. Our lack of stick control if guys can't take care of their sticks and they take these penalties, it's going to cost us."
Author: Marks Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Something happened and the car got out of control."
Author: Marks Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"I feel like I have a mask over my eyes. I just stole cookies out of the cookie jar - we stole one when their backs were turned."
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"I like to say 'Wow' a lot and this is one of those 'Wow' events,"
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"I'm sure Jeff would like to have a couple of those (goals) back. But, when you only score one goal, it's like a guy pitching a three-hitter and getting beat 2-1."
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"I hope this does not delay in any way our efforts to get this project done,"
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"Playing our fourth game in five nights, I'm glad they had a little energy left. They're continuing to compete, which means they care."
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