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Gene Sperling Quotes

10 Gene Sperling quotes:

"If you care about progress in market opening, you are going to have to have more ambitious compacts for sharing the downside costs as well as the benefits of open trade, ... As economists, we talk about how the benefits of lower prices are broadly shared. But the costs are very heavily concentrated."
Author: Sperling Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"President Bush takes the credit for a 'shallow recession,' he denies any responsibility for an even 'more shallow' economic recovery."
"It would be better to do nothing and pay down $100 billion of our national debt than to sign a large and irresponsible tax cut that would signal to the world that the era of fiscal discipline in the United States is over, ... Meet The Press."
Author: Sperling Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"This is about fiscal discipline and first things first,"
"The president is saying through his plan that by saving instead of squandering the surpluses brought on by our discipline and prosperity, we can address much of our long-term retirement challenge in a way that lifts that burden off our children and grandchildren."
"but I'm actually quite confident that we will iron it out and ? that we will have a more formal agreement quite soon."
Author: Sperling Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"A tax cut that is $800 billion or $500 billion is an irresponsible tax cut that would threaten our ability to pay down the debt, secure Medicare, Social Security and education, ... Fox News Sunday."
Author: Sperling Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"There's unquestionably been some very real differences of opinion on areas that we think are critical to regaining economic strength in the region, and we'll speak candidly and frankly to those individual matters."
Author: Sperling Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"In the last three months, the economic performance was disappointing for middle-class families and below expectations -- the results that have become the norm for the economy under President Bush."
Author: Sperling Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"We're in a very deep hole on job market, ... We've had a couple of steps in the right direction, but we have a lot farther to dig ourselves out."
Author: Sperling Quotes Category: Direction Quotes

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