Peter Pawlak Quotes

5 Peter Pawlak quotes:

"Customers can download these patches just as they would a Microsoft patch."
Author: Pawlak Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"It's better if you can have control centrally using one mechanism."
Author: Pawlak Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Because of Microsoft's position, in terms of market share, in terms of their partner relationships, I don't believe that Microsoft needs to do that."
"Microsoft's whole company's practice had been based on doing a great job on Windows and leaving integration with other operating systems to the third-party partners. Now they are trying not to make decisions that make it harder to manage other platforms."
Author: Pawlak Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"They would like to get these devices in the hands of people beyond those RIM has been able to reach."
Author: Pawlak Quotes Category: People Quotes

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