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"Ball control-wise, I think they (Bemidji) had to use their left side a little bit more tonight. They were really effective on the right side and in the middle against us in Bemidji. It didn't seem like they were able to hit a lot and I think the reason for that was because the pass wasn't up to the net where they have a little bit of a height advantage on us. So that was a positive for us."
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"Even though we were in control of the match, it just seemed like we let them hang around and hang around. There were times where we stepped up and made plays, but a lot of times they would get close and then they would have a serving error or they would hit the ball into the net or something like that."
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"That helps our team so much to have that kind of support. It was great. I think it makes a difference on a few points every match to have support like that coming from your home crowd."
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