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"[Carlisle credits Wood for his leadership in helping pull the Royals through some regular season adversity.] He's our leader, and one of the best players in the province if you ask me, ... He's a man, not a boy. He's a true team player and I really respect him."
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"He's two-for-two now. I think his leadership and being able to get off to an early start like that has helped the other players to feed a little bit off of his momentum. He's very consistent and has improved even more this year."
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"This is regular speed. I'm not speeding this up at all. It's Reggie Bush working on cutting ability, pushing from one foot to another. Granted, Reggie is a natural athlete, but if he doesn't work on his skills, then he takes a chance of losing or diminishing those skills."
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"I think that a great part of healing was I didn't sit and despair about 'woe is me. Why me? Why me?' I never had that time."
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"There's something about golf that you don't get with basketball and football and other sports. Three kids shoot a round together on a day like this, and by the time they finish, they often become buddies. This is a beautiful course. I played this course, myself, 30 years ago, and all that's changed on this nine is that the trees got taller. It's just great to be out on an afternoon like this."

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