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Geoffrey Bock Quotes

4 Geoffrey Bock quotes:

"You need to understand how to organize and manage the content; how is the information being produced, and who is producing it. Second, you should look at the needs of the users and understand what information they want and need."
Author: Bock Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"The question last Christmas was, if you put up a Web site will people come? And sure enough they came. ... Now we're in a post-revolutionary environment. Retailers in cyberspace are going to work very hard to differentiate themselves."
Author: Bock Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"The tools makers are lining up to dance with the ISPs. Tool vendors have to have an elegant way to interface with potential clients: supporting a tool through an ISP is like a hot knife through butter."
"People do not have a lot of time on their hands. The ability to order groceries remotely has enormous value."
Author: Bock Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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