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Scott Carpenter Quotes

7 Scott Carpenter quotes:

"At this point in the countdown, it seems appropriate to say to the crew of Discovery -- good luck, have a safe flight and to say once again 'Godspeed John Glenn,'"
"The Black Swamp, it was an awful place. It was a thick woods full of disease and mosquitoes, and people making their way through here reported being able to travel maybe only a mile a day."
Author: Carpenter Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"Good luck, have a safe flight, and ... once again, Godspeed, John Glenn."
Author: Carpenter Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"We also have to worry about the (race) car rolling."
Author: Carpenter Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We've had to line up different methodologies for different habits, ... Consumers want the ability to get their mortgages in different ways. They go online and apply, or they would like to pick up the phone... Other times, they want to walk into one of our offices, sit down with somebody, and do it face to face."
Author: Carpenter Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"To be able to promote your son to captain — what an honor. I'm so proud of you, ... The sky's the limit. Before we promote you to captain, I want one more thing from you: I want your final salute as a lieutenant."
Author: Carpenter Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"As a public relations practitioner, it is a tremendous honor to be included on a panel of the top public relations professionals in our business."
Author: Carpenter Quotes Category: Honor Quotes

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