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"It was pretty neat, really. I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said 'Small things seem great to people of small circumstances.' That seemed like a pretty great thing to me. It was a tremendous compliment. I took it that way. I've never seen anything like that in this league."
"I think that's a compliment to Larry."
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"Troy's got that rare ability to play at all levels of the defense -- deep, intermediate, at the line and blitz. Those people just don't come along every day."
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"I think there was more an advantage then than now because no one did it. They're keeping you from substituting. Manning's probably the best that, if you try to substitute, he's going to catch you most of the time."
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"He's a rare athlete. A lot of what we do is because of what he can do."
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"The secret, if there was one, was the execution of our players."
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"He's a very rare athlete. A lot of what we do is because of what he lets us do. He's a special player. He makes me look really good."
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