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"Product design issues are also an important concern here, as the companies have shown little ability to foresee market trends, such as the demand for crossover utility vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrids,"
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"This poor financial performance heightens concerns about the company's ability to effect a timely turnaround in its critical North American operations,"
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"General Motors and Ford Motor Co. are being challenged operationally and financially in North America as never before."
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"We expect Ford to eventually reach an agreement with the United Auto Workers union similar to that announced by General Motors Corp. that could result in a substantial reduction of Ford's burdensome health care costs in the long term."
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"Market share for these two companies has eroded significantly, and sales of their most profitable products have plummeted."
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"We haven't factored anything into the rating (but) it's worth monitoring closely. It's a big unknown."
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"[Despite its strong quarterly performance, the Mercedes unit has yet to prove that the worst has passed.] Certainly the performance over the last couple of quarters has been better, but Mercedes is earning a fraction of what it had been previously, ... It's still very much a turnaround in the works."

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