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"It's kind of overrated a little bit. Kids sometimes get their feelings hurt by not being on it. But it's not our rule. We're looking for the best players we can find. Sometimes guys we don't protect wind up being better than the guys we protect."
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"Education is always very important. Ultrasound is, I think, quite a niche market. We know our customers very well. We listen to a lot of feedback – and they're more than happy to tell us their thoughts."
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"The cafeteria crew worked their tails off for us. They didn't have any electricity, but they had gas, so they were able to cook."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Electricity Quotes
"I thought our kids kept fighting and I think our size up front kind of wore on them. I think us going no huddle was something that they didn't expect too much. We hadn't done too much of it in the past but it's something we're doing this year and we tried to give them something they hadn't seen."
"There needs to be some cooperation. Someone should turn them [Netscape Communications and Microsoft] over the knee and spank them and say stop with the egos."
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