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Strobe Talbott Quotes

8 Strobe Talbott quotes:

"The Initiative aims to analyze the issues facing China and the problems and opportunities that China's rise presents to other nations, ... The Initiative will make recommendations to policy- makers on these challenges, as we seek to understand -- and promote others' understanding of -- the internal transformation of China and its emergence as a major factor in the new international system."
Author: Talbott Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"On the four biggest challenges he faced -- putting Russia on a course toward a pluralistic democracy, integrating Russia with the rest of the international community, respecting the independence of the other CIS countries, and bringing peace to the Balkans -- he demonstrated foresight, fortitude, and courage. Russia and the world were lucky to have this man in the Kremlin during that crucial period."
Author: Talbott Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"There will be specific arrangement for division of labor within that but nothing that would bear any resemblance to partitioning or dividing Kosovo up into different national sectors,"
Author: Talbott Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"That isn't to prejudge what the nature and arrangements will be for Russian participation in KFOR, nor has Russia decided categorically that it is going to be part of KFOR, ... potentially quite dangerous."
Author: Talbott Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"These are tough issues, ... It's a work in progress."
Author: Talbott Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"That means they don't have to worry about getting their throats slit or getting a bullet in the back of the head,"
Author: Talbott Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"would be an obstacle to cooperation on other issues."
"NATO and Russia have an extremely profound disagreement on the subject of the use of force (by NATO in Yugoslavia),"
Author: Talbott Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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