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Jon Brorson Quotes

6 Jon Brorson quotes:

"Energy has been pretty darn strong even with the price of crude down. In fact, the only real negative sector is consumer discretionary, because of the horrendous consumer sentiment numbers."
Author: Brorson Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Gold is very sensitive to inflation. If you're worried about inflation, you tend to see gains in gold."
Author: Brorson Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"I don't think the trade data is that meaningful since it's sort of sandwiched between the FOMC and tomorrow's CPI."
Author: Brorson Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"The choppiness we've had over the past couple weeks, the volatility, suggests stocks are vulnerable. It suggests we're looking, in the months ahead, at a correction in the marketplace."
Author: Brorson Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Our forecast was for earnings to come in around 13 percent year-over-year growth, and they're on track to do it. They are surprisingly better than expected, and outlooks have been good, generally speaking."
Author: Brorson Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"People are looking for commentary from Greenspan and other members of the Federal Reserve, ... Earnings have been great over the last year and half, but the market hasn't gone anywhere, and it's because the Fed's sitting on the market."
Author: Brorson Quotes Category: People Quotes

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