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4 Scott Bleier quotes:

"Nasdaq is really a mixed bag. The Fed debate is why the market can't put a convincing rally together."
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"A buy-the-dip mentality remains very strong in the minds of the market. Technology stocks are where all the action is, where all the volatility resides, where all the big gains come into play. These are the darlings of the market."
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"The sustainability of the American economic expansion is what the Fed is trying to achieve, ... And I think that technology stocks are going to do exactly what the Big Board has done; that is, establish a trading range. Gone is the rampant speculation in technology stocks. Instead, its going to be the cream rising to the top."
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"The bottom line is technology is here to stay and you've got to own stocks that are positioned well, like...Motorola,"
Author: Bleier Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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