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"It's great to see my dad honored. In every way, he's a really, really great teacher."
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"They are still loaded at the wide receiver position. It doesn't hurt to lose a couple of guys."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"He is as good as they come. He has the ability to play anywhere along the line. Even with that, I don't think he has gotten the attention he deserves, because he committed so early."
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"I think it's a strategy. They'd rather be done early and be working on next year's class now. I think it kind of builds on itself. The earlier you get done one year, the earlier you get to start on the next."
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"They're bringing in some studs on the offensive line. If you put Andre Smith on that class, that's just the cherry on top."
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"[Duke's recruiting has] taken on a whole new level of talent, but it takes time. Before, they were trying to unearth the diamond-in-the-rough type, but you can't win consistently signing 25 guys like that. Now they're going after guys that a lot of schools are after."
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"Surviving for 30 years is not an end to itself. But for 30 years we've tried to better society. We've tried to contribute to deeper changes."
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"I usually don't doubt a coach when he goes in-state and gets guys like that so early. The coaches usually can see something in players like that and they knew what they wanted right away. When you think about problems with Florida's recruiting class, corner is one of the last things to come to mind."
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