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"Syria needs to change its behavior. It is trending in the wrong direction from the rest of the Middle East."
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"Mickey got things off to a great start. It was initially his idea. The contract called for the book to be delivered in mid-July, but at the end of July we only had a few chapters,"
"We cannot tolerate it, and the military is taking strong action against those responsible."
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"This action would be an absolute last resort. Every attempt would be made to go to the highest chain of command, all the way to the commander-in-chief."
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"It wouldn't be necessary to get a request from the governor or take other action."
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"We have a commitment to help meet the immediate needs of those who have suffered. And we have a commitment to help the people of the region rebuild their lives and rebuild their communities, and help them by supporting a locally inspired vision for the longer-term rebuilding."
"The prime minister expressed Canada's concerns about the issue of softwood lumber. The president expressed our strong commitment to NAFTA."
"The president made a very strong commitment, and we're following through on that commitment. He has visited the Gulf Coast a number of times, as have a number of our Cabinet secretaries and other high-ranking officials in the administration, and we will continue to visit the Gulf Coast region."
"The president made a very strong commitment, and we're following through on that commitment."
"We welcome President Chen's reaffirmation of his administration's commitment to cross-strait peace and stability, and Taiwan's commitment to the pledges that President Chen made in his inaugural address to not unilaterally alter the status quo in the Taiwan Strait."
"We want to see those elections that are occurring now to proceed in a free and fair manner without any outside interference or intimidation."
"She has deep knowledge of the constitution and constitutional law,"
"He looks for someone who is going to be open and fair-minded, someone who will faithfully interpret our Constitution and our laws."
"What Karl emphasized in that conversation is that she is someone that has the qualifications and experience and the judicial philosophy that the American people want to see on our nation's highest court."
"We have an immigration problem in this country, and the president has outlined a common sense and practical way to fix the system. We need to take a comprehensive look at it."
"principle he will not compromise on."
"The Corps of Engineers is using modern design and construction methods, which have greatly improved in the last 40 years, which is the time when those levees were originally built."
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"The policy of this White House has been to carry out the direction of the president, which is to cooperate fully with the special prosecutor."
"If the regime continues to move in the direction that it is currently, then we will be talking about the way forward with the other members of the Security Council and Germany about how to address this going forward."
"The administration continues to consult with users, consumers, members of Congress, and others on steel."
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