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"North Korea now needs to live up to the agreement. That means dismantling their nuclear programs and allowing for verification to demonstrate that it has ended its nuclear activities."
"We are pleased with the progress. It's a good agreement."
"Now, if North Korea needs some time to reflect on that agreement, we'll give it to them. But all the parties are operating off the agreement that was signed by North Korea and all the others."
"encouraging the parties to reach an agreement and keep in mind the impact that it could have on the economy."
"We're continuing to move forward on it and they're going to talk about the importance of finalizing an agreement,"
"We're continuing to move forward on it and they're going to talk about the importance of finalizing an agreement."
"We'll have to see what the details of any agreement are. Given their history, you can understand why we remain skeptical."
"The president is taking his comprehensive education reform agenda to the people. His education reform agenda is based on making sure no child is left behind."
"I think it's becoming clear to everyone that this could well be the worst natural disaster in our nation's history."
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"The magnitude and scope of this disaster are unprecedented."
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"Obviously, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is there for emergency situations, and that would include natural disasters."
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"The magnitude and the scope of this disaster are unprecedented. But there's still a lot of uncertainty regarding the extent of the damage and the full cost of the ongoing response and relief efforts."
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"We need real discipline in Washington with the taxpayers' money."
"[While not officially announcing a recess appointment yesterday, White House press secretary Scott McClellan left little doubt at his briefing that Bush would make such a move, noting that Bolton was needed to push through changes at the world body.] It's a critical time to be moving forward on this, ... The United Nations will be having their General Assembly meeting in September, and it's important that we get our permanent representative in place."
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"The policy of this White House has been to carry out the direction of the president, which is to cooperate fully with the special prosecutor."
"My criticisms are extremely mild in comparison to the tone of some of the questions fired in my direction."
"If the regime continues to move in the direction that it is currently, then we will be talking about the way forward with the other members of the Security Council and Germany about how to address this going forward."
"And so that would be a job killer move, just as our economy is moving in the right direction."
"The government of Syria's failure to provide protection to diplomatic premises, in the face of warnings that violence was planned, is inexcusable."
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"In 2006, the expectation is the conditions will be changed on the ground. We can make real progress with training Iraqi security forces and that conditions will permit us to be able to reduce our presence,"

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