Adrian Fenty Quotes

5 Adrian Fenty quotes:

"Secondhand smoke kills, it is a proven fact. This country has been moving in the direction of moving secondhand smoke out of the workplace for years."
Author: Fenty Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"This government can get things done when we put our minds to it. The real goal is that we institutionalize that in the police department."
Author: Fenty Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"We need to see in writing that if Devereux closes, where the kids will go."
"Most of these crimes that are being committed are being done by juveniles or by young people under 30, but still young. It does not surprise me at all that they are traveling to commit crime."
Author: Fenty Quotes Category: People Quotes
"try to keep people who are good in the city."
Author: Fenty Quotes Category: People Quotes

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