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"Their 7-for-9 shooting in the second half from 3-point land was something that really, really hurt us deeply. But the inability of us to get the ball into the paint was probably the thing that killed us."
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"Will it hurt us? Sure. Jeff has been a factor in every game he's played in. Hopefully the depth that we have will come into play in this game."
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"Will it hurt us? Sure. I think Jeff has been a factor in every game he has played. So it will hurt us, but hopefully the depth we have will come into play."
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"Villanova is always scary, because of the way they space the floor and force you to play small ball."
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"I wish to God they were in the NBA."
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"My dad was a god to me,"
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"I've been in a (locker) room with some talented teams and some teams that bordered on greatness. But I don't know if I've been in a room before with so many kids that have sacrificed so much."
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"Over the last 15 years, the type of players we've had here, the fortune to be successful, we've had the bull's-eye. Now there's the added bull's-eye of a new league, being No. 1. They just pile up. That's exactly where you want to be. You want to be playing from the top. I hear guys say they like to be the underdog. But there's a reason you're the underdog. I'd like to be playing from the top any time I can."
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"When my dad died at 15 [of a heart attack], ... one of the sacred places I could go was with a ball, a hoop and a dream - by myself. It's one of the few sports that allows you to do that. In those moments of solitude, I was able to work out some of my life issues. It was a very difficult time for me."
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"Roscoe Baker, Jimmy Walker, Billy Blair, Dennis Lynch - so many names - we would go into the heart of Roxbury and play, ... The name of the local team was the Roxbury Royals. They had a court that you could see into from the apartment buildings, so it was like a double-deck and they played their opening theme song loudly and it was `School's Out.'"
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"It's a tribute to the hard work the kids put in because they played in the best league in the country. I think our kids should be honored. We have an awful lot of good players in this league. I couldn't be prouder of our kids."
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"It's going to get tougher by the moment, ... I hate to see Bob Huggins go, but having Rick [Pitino] come in, and Freedom Hall, I see the future of the Big East being great."
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"Sometimes I'd like to see them with more swagger. Perhaps we'll walk out of here with that kind of swagger."
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"I pulled Marcus off and berated him as much as I possibly could. Marcus didn't come out with the kind of enthusiasm that he needs to."
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"We've taken the quality of teams and just increased them in quantity. I don't think anybody truly understands how difficult this league will be day in and day out."
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"The person who believes less in Josh is Josh. It's a daily progress with him to get him to believe."
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"[A victory] would really swing their season."
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"If, in fact, you felt it was a mistake of malice, a mistake of violence, a mistake repeated, those are all factors."
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"When I did my voting, it was very difficult. Normally I can get a better feel. But there were so many kids that had so many great seasons."
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"My understanding is the athletic director is going to now, hopefully, put it on the front burner this year. In my personal opinion, they were going to fix football before they fixed basketball. I know a couple of the people are basketball people who gave money to football and that's fine. They gave money to the university."

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