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Larry Kane Quotes

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"I think the first factor is the music. I think the second is their individuality. And I really think the third was that if you take their music today, and you played it to an audience that never heard of the Beatles, and played their 20 or 30 best songs, the music would be as fresh today as it was in 1970 or 1966. It's timeless."
Author: Kane Quotes Category: Individuality Quotes
"And, in all honesty, the Beatles were fascinated by the journalists' immaturity."
Author: Kane Quotes Category: Honesty Quotes
"American journalists were the perfect foils. [Many newsmen] were shocked by them, ... a menace to society."
Author: Kane Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"Stations were crawling with record promoters. They were everywhere. They invaded a station, and they always had gifts,"
Author: Kane Quotes Category: Gifts Quotes
"How many superstars have we had in music that didn't need, and think about this, that didn't need laser lights and an accompanying show of glitter and glamour to be successful? ... The Beatles were four guys with guitars and drums, and their music stands alone."
Author: Kane Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"I think that their impact is yet to be felt, their full impact. First of all, their music is now listened to as part of the psyche of everybody, day in and day out. It's the most recorded music in the world, the most copied music in the world, the most enviable music in the world. It's inspired thousands and thousands of artists. Culturally they've had a tremendous impact on the entire 20th century."
Author: Kane Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"As much as the R&B people, and the gospel people, and spiritual music, and the country-western people influenced them, I think the Beatles were the bar. And they set the bar, and nobody's quite been able to jump beyond it."
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