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"It's always in the back of my mind no matter if you're at the Super Bowl or anything bigger than that. It's always there and I always think about it."
"This will be my last contract. I wanted it to be a good one."
"So if we don't fix it, it could be a long night,"
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"It's hard to understand how the wind could be at the back of a relay team, but that's what they decided,"
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"St. Louis is more humid. But after a while, the heat started taking a toll on us, so we started rotating a little more up front trying to stay fresh out here."
"I know who I am and can deal with the use of Indian mascots... But I know it can be demeaning to a group of people. Maybe it would be all right if they were truly honoring the people and are giving due respect to the people they are representing."
"Not a problem kid or anything like that so when you're in the legal system like that, it's always hard on a person for the first time to go through some things like that."
"He has great vision; he has great cutback ability, ... If there's any crease in our defense he's going to hit that hole. So we've got to stay fundamentally sound and stay in our gaps."
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