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48 Shimon Peres quotes:

"I'm sure that history will justify our choice."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We call upon him (Arafat) to be responsible for the destiny of the Palestinians because if the Palestinians will be divided, time and time again, into different armed groups, they will be able to do nothing really."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Destiny Quotes
"We are going to try for a while to reach a bilateral agreement."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"If you should have a cease-fire, the whole atmosphere will be changed,"
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"The petition was unnecessary and vengeful, it shamed Labor and it embarrassed the party's members. The people who filed the petition should be indicted for breach of trust, for the forgeries in the voter registration drive, the irregularities in the Labor primary and for failure to take responsibility for the great damage that has been done to the party."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"allow us to create an army without soldiers."
"Many Syrians understand that the only option that exists is the option of peace, which means the option of compromise, ... Nobody can have 100 percent of his desires. He must compromise."
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"I would also like to have a comprehensive agreement, but I wouldn't want to have a comprehensive failure, ... That would be a catastrophe."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"When it becomes a bloody reality, we have to come together and look at what can be done to return to the order of peace, ... There is no alternative to it."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"They're endangering every attempt to build a block of peace again, ... This reduces very much the necessary trust for going back and negotiating with the responsible party."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"We came in as a wind of peace and we are determined to do so, ... We didn't come in for power and we didn't come in for cover. We came in for a new initiative, and we are very serious and very determined to achieve it."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"It looks like there was an organized attempt of terror and violence, and I think it is tragic. It leads nowhere,"
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"These elections will determine the state's character, its borders and moral identity."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"In the new age we must be open, competitive, transparent, keep your decency, ... The Jewish people were not born to occupy the land of other people, it goes against everything we stand for."
"If things emerge reasonably well in Gaza, then the door is open for further moves, wider decisions, ... have to take their own destinies in their own hand."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Decisions Quotes
"To have an agreement, you have to sit with a piece of paper and write it down in small print. This did not yet happen, ... But as a general concept, we reached an understanding."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"The world is facing an unbelievable danger and we have to put aside secondary skirmishes."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"They don't need a protection force, ... The minute they stop shooting there won't be any need for protection."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"In my eyes it's not a problem of parties but a problem of peace -- how to create a strong coalition for peace."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"walk the last piece of the road for peace."
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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