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10 John Richardson quotes:

"There is no doubt at all that things are a lot better around here. You just don't have the same number of people hanging around or running up and down the street absolutely plastered at 6pm."
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"It's been relatively successful, we've picked up just over 30 new customers in the last two weeks. We're hoping to get them back over the next couple of months, hopefully people miss us."
"We have many tools at our disposal, not the least of which is the creativity and work ethic of the people of Maine, ... We have time to prepare for the base closing, but we must move ahead quickly."
"This has been in my family since 1835."
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"When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Maybe because we ran out of ideas."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"I thought the girls skied pretty well. We're the seventh best team in the state. That sounds just about right."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"Apparently they took it to heart."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"Our input regarding fees within the Corporate Travel market helped steer the Evolvi development. Because of our strong relationship, we think the TravelPower Interface increases the value Evolvi brings to the travel industry. The new Evolvi Interface is already generating a lot of interest and will soon be developing a new automated reconciliation feature based on the Rail Settlement Plan (RSP),"
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"I'd obviously welcome any addition to Edinburgh's live music scene. The city is crying out for a venue of this size and if they can make this work it would be absolutely brilliant."
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