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5 Rafael Goyeneche quotes:

"Houston is feeling some of the pain from the failure of the New Orleans criminal justice system."
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"Really, a lot of the violence in New Orleans was, I think, a direct result of the failure of the criminal justice system. And I mean every component, including the public, because the public is one of the main reasons why a lot of these prosecutions didn't go forward. ... Because they failed to cooperate."
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"There has been a dramatic shift in public integrity in the department. That means not only more hours but a new attitude."
"This suspect epitomizes everything that was wrong with the criminal justice system in New Orleans before Katrina blew through town."
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"The New Orleans Police Department is probably better than any other organization in the U.S. at policing an event like this. I think it's because most of them grew up with Mardi Gras; they understand it because they've been attending since they were kids."
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