Loretta Lynn Quotes

10 Loretta Lynn quotes:

"My biggest hero, Gregory Peck, was my birthday present on April 14, 1973. I just sat and stared at him."
"Daddy was real gentle with kids. That's why I expected so much out of marriage, figuring that all men should be steady and pleasant."
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"I didn't know how babies were made until I was pregnant with my fourth child."
"Do the best you can with yourself and hope for the best."
"Back then, we didn't know we were poor, and people were more proud then."
"I'm proud of being part Cherokee, and I think it's time all us Indians felt the same way."
"When something is bothering me, I write a song that tells my feelings."
"A woman's two cents worth is worth two cents in the music business."
"In the long run, you make your own luck -- good, bad, or indifferent."
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"I get along with all the women singers, but especially Dolly Parton. We talk the same hillbilly language."

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