Steve Kerr Quotes

5 Steve Kerr quotes:

"It's quicker. The quality is every bit as good, if not higher. And it can be done in less time for less money."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Robert feels strongly about the principles of not tearing up an existing contract and not making that a precedent for the organization. He wants to model the franchise after the Spurs and Detroit, teams that have spent wisely and made responsible choices."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"I learned that people everywhere are basically the same and have similar goals that we do. They want health and happiness and the opportunity to provide for their families."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It's like that Jerry Seinfeld line about sports, that we're all just cheering laundry. I don't care who plays for Arizona. I'm going to cheer like crazy for them. People have strong connections to these teams, and whatever your connection is, it stays regardless of who is wearing the uniform."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"We have watched the progress they put those up in a couple of days and they got to watch different people in the community work together and volunteer their time for somebody else."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Progress Quotes

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