Ron Forman Quotes

6 Ron Forman quotes:

"Mitch Landrieu has the experience to implement a plan, to manage a plan and to rebuild our city."
Author: Forman Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"We need clear leadership. We need someone who can put a team together and lead us through our crisis."
Author: Forman Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Ray's a good man, and Mitch is a good man. They're both my friends. But it's about who has the best chance of rebuilding the city."
"I cannot lie to you and tell you every single service in every single neighborhood is going to come back immediately."
Author: Forman Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"We believe we're gonna be in a runoff for mayor of New Orleans. It's been a 3-man race from the beginning."
Author: Forman Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"Sooner or later, we just told ourselves that we're going to win one of these games. We knew we would come out of it."
Author: Forman Quotes Category: Sports Quotes

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