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12 Bill Bavasi quotes:

"He helps us in a variety of roles, including the ability to steal a base and play almost any position on the field."
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"We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to the Mateo family. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Seattle organization are with Julio and his family as they deal with this tragic accident."
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"Nothing is official yet. We feel good that common sense will prevail."
"I'm confident common sense will prevail."
"Although he may not be terribly comfortable speaking English yet, he is understanding it well. He's a baseball rat."
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"We could have gone with a safer choice, but we felt that Jesse had the highest ceiling. Our philosophy in making trades last year was to take the gamble and go for the players we felt had the most upside."
"Everyone has natural feelings. Given the circumstances as he presents them ... sure. But again, we support the testing program and really that's where it starts and ends for us."
"At the start of this off-season, our goals were to acquire a high-quality starting pitcher, add offense, re-sign Jamie Moyer and, ideally, upgrade our catching. Today's announcement marks the final, and perhaps most important, in that off-season list of goals."
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"The language barrier, as we're finding out, was way overblown. I think he was the only one who was freaked about it. But by and large, there won't be any communication problems."
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"There's always a risk in a multiyear, high-dollar contract."
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"And we had no surplus, no one in development, to come along if we had created holes. Serious trade possibilities for pitching did not avail themselves, and we did not shop those guys."
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"That's the ups and downs of a closer, especially one who works with command more than power."
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