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12 Mike Dunn quotes:

"Imagine the ability to collaborate anywhere, any time; develop ideas; communicate concepts and information; and never have to take another note or wish everyone was together in one place."
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"A piece of fruit, something as simple as an orange may have all kinds of potential pests, ... Medfly, for example, is one that has been a major problem for us here in the United States in both California and Florida. In 1979 we had an outbreak of medfly in California -- in 1997 we had one in Florida. This was brought in by someone inadvertently on a piece of fruit and cost literally hundreds of millions of dollars for us to eradicate."
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"We tried for 12 years and we had some great times in Macon, and we certainly developed some phenomenal baseball players. We just needed to take it one step further."
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"Cree has focused significant sales efforts during the past several years toward the large and dramatically growing LED community in Asia. Cree Asia- Pacific is now investing in a new headquarters facility and expert personnel to deepen Cree's commitment to its Asian customers."
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"To me, there is a certain trust factor to watch out for the house, ... This is our home and community. If we're all committed to doing the best with our community, then we can cooperate."
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"So I can get where I need to be in my conversation faster, with the automated system it seems like it takes longer to get where you want to go and find the person you want to speak to."
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes
"I WAS THERE because I'm supporting Jeff. We have been friends for 15 years. County clerk is an administrative office, not a partisan one."
"We hope that enables the market to become less-fragmented as quickly as possible."
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"The market is no longer dependent on new releases for growth."
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"It's going to bring incredible picture and sound quality."
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"You're a great neighbor and we all know what you're doing, and we know you're going to do this with care,"
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Neighbors Quotes
"It's a great opportunity for us, especially at the end of the season. We get to see where we stack up against the best competition from the other side of the state, and find out what it takes to play quality teams without a lot of preparation time - back-to-back on Friday night and Saturday afternoon - because that's what we'll have to do if we make it to the state tournament."
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