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Sheldon Brown Quotes

7 Sheldon Brown quotes:

"It's hard to listen to negative criticism for a week. But it's good to look it in the face and be a man about it. You need a whipping every now and then to let you know you aren't as good you think you are."
"You can't have spectators watching when he gets the ball. You need all 11 men to run to the ball when he has it."
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"We're all professionals here -- been there, done that. We have leaders in this locker room. It really doesn't matter. If they brought him back, we'd still have a job at hand to do. . . . We believe we can get it done. We just came off a Super Bowl season, so why wouldn't we think that?"
"He was one of my favorite teammates. He worked me like crazy in practice. I'm still trying to figure out the other part of him. It's not about the money with him. But it's the only way he thinks he can talk to the organization, by saying things about the quarterback."
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"When it comes to physical blows, you have problems."
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"I don't care what Hugh says. Quite frankly, the guys I am playing with I trust, and I trust the leaders we have. I am around them every day, and Hugh isn't around them every day."
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"I think a lot of the leaders here were young guys and we expected management to handle the situation, that they'd explain what the rules and regulations were. That didn't happen."

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