Dave Marsh Quotes

4 Dave Marsh quotes:

"One of the reasons we respond to him so personally is because he's a guy who lives with his eyes open."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"Last year, we were criticized for the simplicity of the maps. This is the sort of quality with maps that we demanded when I was with Rand McNally."
"People want the most information they can get about their trip. Their No. 1 irritant is traffic. Our system is the first one not built into a luxury car that can provide them in virtually real time with information about traffic incidents, such as accidents and construction."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"There's a part of music that cannot be reduced to words on a page. Even the records are just rough drafts for what happens on stage."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Music Quotes

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