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"There is such a thing as reverse culture shock. I didn't realized that while I was away I had changed, and so had other people."
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"There are probably a lot of people who dropped out of the labor force and so don't get factored into the employment rate. Just looking at the job growth, it's one of the best numbers the county has had in a couple of years, but there is still a long ways to go."
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"The number of jobs isn't where it was before the recession. It's about 2,000 jobs below the peak."
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"After realizing that some of our biggest spikes in site traffic were immediately following the race, we, along with Jack Daniels, launched the call-in show and are absolutely pleased with last season's success."
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"He has added power to his game and he's able to elude tackles. He gives what I call a limp leg where they hit his right leg, but he slides out of the tackle and moves on down the field. He went up the middle against Westwood several times. It's no secret what we do is power football, but he takes to the middle and breaks to the outside, which allows him to use his quickness."
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