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"When these players lose it, they can't control it. It's a physical thing, not a mental thing. He's got the eye of the tiger. When I met with (Sosa), that's the one thing I was convinced of. His brain would do everything it could to succeed because he'd like to prove to people that he can still play."
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"Jamey was not going to make this team. And because of how strong our personal feelings were toward Jamey, we felt we owed it to him to make this move prior to the start of camp."
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"I couldn't be more pleased to add one of the best young pitching minds in baseball to our coaching staff. John's high energy, passion, temperament and knowledge will provide invaluable resources for all of our pitchers."
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"There's just a difference of opinion. There's kind of an agreement to disagree on where he falls."
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"I believe that Dana Brown is one of the best young amateur talent evaluators, especially when it comes to pitching, in Major League Baseball,"
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"He takes the ball every day, he never complains and he gets the job done. He has nasty stuff. He warms up quick to get in a game."
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"It's a very sensitive issue with Alfonso. We respect him and we respect his ability as a baseball player. The position change and what's important to the team is something we'll continue to address appropriately. We don't want it to become a soap opera."
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"We have compassion for his position on where he's coming from, but we have a job to try to win baseball games with the team we have. We're not going to give the player away."
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"I think we've made some progress in development, ... But overall, we've got a long way to go. I felt very strongly that we needed to make a change at the top in that department."
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"He's out there, he's doing what the manager is directing. He's making a personal sacrifice for the organization."
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"He looks good, totally different guy -- different mechanics, different arm action. I didn't recognize him."
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"The doctors gave us the go-ahead to sign the player. They understood that it was a four-year deal with significant money. We wanted clearance and to make sure there wasn't a health risk. I would not have done the deal if the doctors didn't clear it."
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"[Pitching coach] Randy St. Claire and I both think that we would like to start him off in Potomac, have a little success and then we'll move him. Based on the surgery that he had, we are going to bring him along slowly. If he plays well, then we'll move him as soon as his pitching says we should move him."
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"I'm a big believer in makeup and character and leadership, and Brian's a special person as well as a special player."
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"Everybody has challenges, everybody has obstacles, everybody has adversity, ... What's unique about this situation is that there are so many positive things ahead of this franchise."
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"Brian continues to be one of the best defensive catchers in the game, shutting the running game down. Offensively, his on-base percentage and slugging percentage continue to improve every single year. His strikeouts continue to be reduced every year."
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