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Shami Chakrabarti Quotes

6 Shami Chakrabarti quotes:

"The fundamental values of a democracy cannot be changed because we are provoked by terrorists."
"The entire system should be under review to ensure that there is not a culture which would allow the alleged abuses to take place."
"Public safety can be enhanced by passenger screening but police must not heighten tensions by targeting young men from ethnic minorities."
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"We need to be more careful about senior police officers rushing in front of TV cameras defending positions before there has been time to reflect and take stock,"
Author: Chakrabarti Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"Of course these records should be accessed by police to solve serious criminal cases, but this power cannot be used indiscriminately."
Author: Chakrabarti Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"That in my view would be incredibly counterproductive to the work of the police and security services if they are to engage with the communities who may have intelligence."
Author: Chakrabarti Quotes Category: Police Quotes

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