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Richard Lapchick Quotes

8 Richard Lapchick quotes:

"There's been a general improvement in the leagues over a period of time. I think the glaring gaps are at the college level at what are considered to be the top positions."
"The most encouraging thing is finally [the racial performance gap is] narrowing."
"There's been a general improvement in the leagues over a period of time."
"They're giving the impression that minorities are not capable of doing these jobs, and that's obviously not true."
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"First of all, the policy is not racist. The intention is to make the league image more corporate rather than hip-hop, which has been the going trend for years, ... It's a natural outcome of what happened last year with the brawl. As for the NBA, it's probably the most progressive league with regard to its diversity practices. There may be some resistance to this policy, but (the NBA) needs to just stick to its guns."
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"I would make the analogy that if my son or daughter had legal problems, I would try to get the best representation possible, and that's the way universities view these firms."
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"It's not good that they don't have any minorities in the final pool because our research shows there are a lot of qualified minorities out there and available for these types of jobs, but it's slightly less bothersome because New Mexico has had such a good record when it comes to minority administrators."
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"Women come from a culture where society has told them all these years that at whatever level you have to be better, you have to work harder, you have to outperform everyone else in order to break through all the gender barriers. In a basketball male culture, it's almost not cool to study. I think it's taken a lot of programs the NCAA has implemented to let those players and their coaches know, 'We've got to perform or we're going to lose scholarship."
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