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4 Justin Modray quotes:

"If you can tie up your money for five years or more, then shares are likely to offer better returns over the long-run."
Author: Modray Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"The danger of buying at the last minute is that there may only be the dross left. A 40 per cent tax break is not much good if the return is going to be poor."
Author: Modray Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"But if you move the money into offshore funds, this income will roll-up tax-free inside the fund."
Author: Modray Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"As a result, you need to keep a close eye on these investments to make sure, for example, the discounts do not pose a threat to performance and the trust is not overly geared. For reasons such as these, advisers tend to shy away in case their recommendations backfire."
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