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12 John Glenn quotes:

"It's an advantage up here for older folks because in Zero-G you can move around much more easily, ... I've been bumping my head a lot on things as I float around here, but that's all right."
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"This is basic, fundamental research. We have some 35 million Americans over the age of 65, ... The basic purpose of why I'm going is not just to go sightseeing."
"There is still no cure for the common birthday."
"This is a day we have managed to avoid for a quarter of a century."
"The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds and to advance the kind of science, math and technology education that will help youngsters take us to the next phase of space travel."
"I don't know what you could say about a day in which you have seen four beautiful sunsets."
"For all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday."
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"I don't have any quarrel with sending written questions or submitting whatever kind of testimony they want over there are the White House. That's up to the president,"
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"taking part in some research in a hospital someplace."
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"We have an infinite amount to learn both from nature and from each other"
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"You don't need a walker up here and you don't need to worry about osteoporosis or a cane or anything like that, because you just float across the room,"
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"largely an opportunity lost."
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