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"The events of 9/11 had a massive effect on me, like everyone, and I wanted to use my position as a filmmaker to contribute something so they are not casually forgotten. By honoring the families who lost those they loved, I hope we can ensure that their sacrifice is remembered and hopefully seek wisdom in the future."
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"They'll see it's been made in a responsible fashion — by serious people. And I hope they will see it's making a contribution to a very necessary debate."
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"There is a great debate going on on where we are going in the post-9/11 world. This is part of the process of filmmakers saying, 'We would like to join that conversation'."
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"In the end, it's acting, it's not real. But every director will tell you that you have to create conditions that create tension, because tension is what makes drama feel real."
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"Remembering is painful, it's difficult, but it can be inspiring and it can give wisdom."
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