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Eli Broad Quotes

7 Eli Broad quotes:

"San Francisco Unified School District is to be commended for the progress it has made in improving student achievement despite urban challenges. San Francisco outperformed similar districts in California in the areas of elementary, middle and high school reading and math."
Author: Broad Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"The world has changed dramatically, with globalization and free trade, moving from an industrial economy to an information economy, ... But while that's been happening, K-12 education hasn't changed at all. Meanwhile, China's graduating five times as many engineers as we are, and you look at India and you get alarmed."
"Talented, experienced leaders like these, who have stepped forward and committed to the critical task of transforming urban school systems, offer new promise to raising student achievement for every student in our urban centers. We are excited to train this new class with the skills necessary to effectively manage an urban school district."
"Stem cell research is one of the greatest opportunities to improve the human condition. California will be America's leader in stem cell research, which will not only benefit the tremendous need of people suffering from debilitating diseases and conditions, but will also help the California economy immeasurably."
Author: Broad Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"By joining our companies together, we will dominate the two fastest growing segments of the financial services industry, retirement savings and international markets, ... This marriage is a great cultural fit, with complementary businesses and a distribution network that is second to none."
Author: Broad Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"He drew me in. David has the ability to understand where the world of science and medicine is going, and he can relate that in lay terms."
Author: Broad Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"We became convinced that the combination of the brightest minds in science and medicine, coupled with world-class facilities and cutting-edge technology, holds the potential to unlock the mysteries of disease."
Author: Broad Quotes Category: Class Quotes

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