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Joseph Lieberman Quotes

28 Joseph Lieberman quotes:

"I also know that there have been many times in our history when the proximity of an election has induced exactly the kind of leadership and consensus-building that produce progress in our democracy."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Based on my initial review, I don't believe that this situation qualifies as an emergency under the National Labor Relations Act because it does not affect an entire industry. Nor is it likely that the president would find that it imperils the national health or safety, which are the qualifications necessary to invoke the national emergency provisions under the act."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"In this campaign, I've put forward a strong, positive vision for America, and that stands in sharp contrast to what Howard Dean offers America today,"
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: America Quotes
"And honestly, we don't know yet whether ... we should blame the president, Ms. Lewinsky, Ms. Tripp, Judge Starr or the media -- or all of them, to some extent."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Blame Quotes
"I hope that the president and I hope the leadership of Congress will, before the end of this year, schedule a debate in which we will grant President Bush authority to take action to remove Saddam Hussein,"
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"In this era of uncertainty and conflict, the United States - blessed with the world's strongest military, most ingenious economy, and most tolerant society - remains a model and leader to the world."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"It's one of the most exciting medical findings of our age, ... Late Edition."
"The danger of terrorists and rogue states is compounded by the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"at a crisis stage."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"apparently had extramarital relations with an employee half his age and did so in the workplace in the vicinity of the Oval Office. Such behavior is not just inappropriate. It is immoral."
"Today, we can see with our own eyes what global warming is doing. In that context it becomes truly irresponsible, if not immoral, for us not to do something."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"Oh, great for the state. Great for America, but this would have been a terrible blow to our state economically."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: America Quotes
"What [the committee] found was systemic and catastrophic failure across the board, ... Despite the magnitude of Enron's implosion, no one in the system that was supposed to protect investors saw the disaster coming or did anything about it."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"There is no agreement at this point."
"The moment of truth has arrived for Saddam Hussein."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"We don't know enough to know whether any of that influence in any way stopped the administration or agencies of our federal government from protecting average shareholders who lost their life savings when Enron collapsed, ... That's the question we're going to ask."
"I hate to see that, but maybe if we're successful with our efforts to bring the president back together with his EPA administrator."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"I support such a review, ... But the reality is that we don't need the results of a strategic study to know that there are some pressing problems in our military that demand our attention and our assistance now."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"not to worry about his votes."
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"That can't go on. We're inviting trouble if it does go on,"
Author: Lieberman Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes

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