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"Anybody that works hard and puts time and effort and dedication toward something and doesn't seem like they're getting anywhere, it's frustrating at times,"
"Games between Coventry and Belfast are always close affairs and this was no exception."
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"We won't go out and score 30 goals against them, we have to be realistic and the first thing is to go for a win."
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"We had four powerplay goals tonight and we moved that puck around. That was something that I wanted to improve on last year and I have two units that can do that now. I am overjoyed."
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"We had to battle from behind all game long. And these girls just kept coming. They never quit."
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"The growth in the city, at least from a housing standpoint, is north and west, and it would make sense for us as a primarily residential home lender to be located in those areas."
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"She got hot when we needed her to. But she ran the floor well all night, she controlled the offense, she played good defense and showed me a lot of leadership on the floor all game long."
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"The years I've had at quarterback have helped me a lot, being able to see a safety spinning down, things like that. It gives me an edge, I can kind of tell where the quarterback is going with the ball a lot of times."
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"She has done a real nice job this season. She does a nice job running the floor, she's fast, she hustles and she's strong and can finish plays. And she's just a freshman. That's a great combination of things for us to have. We are very excited to see her develop."
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"She had a great game. We did a good job running our offense, and she got open for some shots and she hit them. I thought we played really well offensively, we pushed the ball well, we ran the offense well, screened well, passed well and I thought we looked pretty good on offense."
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"We practiced our free throws for an hour and a half after school. I guess it helped."
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