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"We are awed by their sacrifice and their bravery, and we want them and their families to know that they have the profound respect and gratitude of every American,"
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"On September 14th, we voted unanimously to send our troops into action against the perpetrators of the cowardly and heinous attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That was our constitutional duty, and it is one that none of us takes lightly,"
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"We have no choice but to revisit the question on other bills. Especially given the relationship between guns and schools these days, I think it's a natural assumption that one could make that there could be some amendments which will be offered,"
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"Taking the action that the president is being asked to do is the only way that I see that we're going to save the steel industry, ... I don't think [Bush] has any choice ... He's got to do it."
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"Let us respond with the same commitment and resolve in this drought as we would with any other natural disaster."
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"If we completed the count, there is little doubt you'd be ahead, ... In order to win, you have to get the votes. We think you've got the votes."
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"I'm concerned about international developments that may or may not legitimately have any effect on the consequences of this legislation,"
"Our view is that there has to be some way ... to deal with this matter beyond the question of conviction, and we think censure presents that opportunity and we will be planning to propose that at some point,"
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"I asked directly if we could delay this so we could depoliticize it. I said: 'Mr. President, I know this is urgent, but why the rush? Why do we have to do this now?' He looked at Cheney and he looked at me, and there was a half-smile on his face. And he said: 'We just have to do this now.'"
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"I think that it's so critical when you make a request to the Congress to authorize and appropriate $38 billion for homeland security, somebody ought to come up and explain just how you're going to spend it, ... Those issues are going unanswered in large measure because Mr. Ridge refuses to testify. We just have to find a way hopefully without the use of coercion to have those questions answered for the record."
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"Congress supported the experiment. It was a huge mistake. Deficits skyrocketed. The national debt quadrupled. High interest rates choked American industries. Unemployment soared."
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"We don't know yet whether laws were broken, but there must be enforcement of the law and if the laws were broken someone needs to go to jail,"
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"We have a real problem with regard to Social Security and Medicare,"
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"What happened on September 11th did not diminish our strength, ... It renewed it."
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"I question what purpose is served by additional exposure to the salacious details contained in the Starr report, ... We must find a way to proceed and avoid further bombardment of the airwaves and Internet with such material."
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"to restore his credibility and authority."
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"I support the president's authority to make decisions with regard to clemency and pardons. That is a president's right, ... But I must say I am troubled deeply by the lack of remorse, the lack of empathy for the victims on the part of the Puerto Ricans themselves. And based upon that, I intend to vote in favor of the resolution."
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"Our tax cut has to fit in within a responsible budget,"
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"I know how profoundly concerned [local officials] are to be able to respond to whatever comes in whatever circumstances,"
"Diversity in education is not a waste of time. It should be a national goal, and it's a goal we're going to keep fighting for."
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