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"I fell down in the mud and here it comes falling down in my lap."
"It's going to be interesting. They have a great team. Some great weapons on offense and their defense speaks for itself. We're going to have to prepare this week with the same sense of pride and purpose that we had this week to play a good game in New York."
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"Football was a game that had kicked me around pretty good for a few years. I almost called him and said, 'Hey look, this isn't for me. I'm going to move on with my life."
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"It's kind of scary. You look at the things they're doing, 4-0 now, it's kind of parallel to what we did. You sit here and think about the Tampa Bay-Carolina situation from last year."
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"You try to contain (Vick) as best you can, but once he's in your sights you have to open fire. If you let him make a move on you, he's gone. I just saw him and made the play a couple of times. So many guys made so many plays. We gave the offense good position to punch the ball in. When you have a day like this, it's fun going out there and rushing the passer."
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"You win football games by stopping the run and 1,800 yards this year is definitely a priority for us. He's their leader. They look to him for big plays and if you can stop him, they have to look to more places and put more pressure on the other guys."
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