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Brian Urlacher Quotes

10 Brian Urlacher quotes:

"Even though you're not in the game, you still like to win and see your teammates do well, so it was a little frustrating. But at the same time, we got out of this game healthy with the people we need to get to the Super Bowl, and that's the number one goal we wanted to take into the playoffs."
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"I love when people pick against us because we just go out and prove them wrong. In training camp, there was no doubt in anyone's mind we had the personnel to do it. It was just a matter of staying healthy and going out there and doing it. Knock on wood, we stayed healthy, and it's been a fun season for us so far."
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"It's a little different trying to run the ball with eight guys in the box. The Vikings haven't had to face that because of the Randy Moss factor."
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"No one believed us back then, but there was really no doubt in our mind how good we can be."
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"Today, our defense flew around and had a good time. It was fun out there."
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"There was no doubt in anyone's mind we had the personnel to do it."
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"Thank goodness [Moss] is gone so we can do different things to them now. We can put eight guys in the box now. We used to just play cover-2 pretty much the whole game and let them gash us in the running game. I think we'll be able to change that up a little bit."
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"We lost the same way [as last time]. We got beat in our home stadium. We thought we were good last time [after 2001]. We were young last time, and we ended up being 4-12 the next season. I'd like to think we will be better next season."
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"We can win these games,"
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"This is tough for our team, too, because he was one of our leaders. One of the emotional guys out there on the field. He's just an unbelievable guy. At least he didn't injure himself bad. I know that's a blessing for him."

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