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John Wallace Quotes

9 John Wallace quotes:

"I'm probably one of Coach Boeheim's biggest supporters, ... I'll always be grateful to him for showing faith in me from the start. When I was a freshman, he let me make some mistakes that freshmen make. He wasn't constantly looking over your shoulder. As long as you were doing things beneficial to the team, he was cool with that. He didn't overcoach."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"This activity was, in fact, a completely lawful exercise, and the board should reject any suggestion that it impose (a) civil penalty or refer for prosecutor this matter."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"In response to events unfolding in the U.S., the London Stock Exchange is evacuating Exchange Tower as a precaution. We have contingency arrangements in place, which means that we will continue to run the market through to the close."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"When you consider the power of these units and then think of four separate devices that you'd have to make room for, or stack on top of each other, they really are quite small for what they do."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"We've had more success than they (scientists in Australia and New Zealand) have. Everyone has been trying different methods. We just got lucky."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Scientists Quotes
"Our kids play very good defense. That's what keeps us in games."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"It's like one big family here. Everyone gets along, and that's nice."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"The task of establishing causality is much more difficult than reaffirming the reality of the warming."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"Those were eight big points. If he doesn't get those points we're in big trouble."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes

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