William Kennedy Quotes

4 William Kennedy quotes:

"When I first talked about writing with Saul he insisted on the ability to change, to get a serious grip on what was real in your life, ... He was the 20th century's literary wizard, who fused the intellect and the imagination in glorious and comic language that we'd never heard before."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"People don't know what price people paid to make America human. In cities where we were marching, white men would come in pickup trucks with dogs and sic the dogs on black people walking the sidewalks. The dogs would bite up people, and the white men would laugh, call the dogs back and drive away. You've never seen such meanness like the meanness we went through."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: America Quotes
"This year the team seems to possess a lot more character and more depth."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"My guilt is all I have left. If I lose it, I have stood for nothing, done nothing, been nothing."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Guilt Quotes

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