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"One word for Microsoft: delay. Stretch the remedy out, stretch the appeal out, stretch the Supreme Court proceeding out. If you delay as long as possible then anything could happen."
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"If you don't trust the other person, you don't negotiate well with them. Microsoft has had two years to figure out a behavioral remedy that has lots of loopholes and escape clauses in it."
Author: Lande Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"If all she was going to do was rubber-stamp the settlement between the Department of Justice and Microsoft and say that the states get nothing, she could have done that in two or three months. I think it means the states are going to get something."
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"This law has only been used two times - both times in the AT&T antitrust case - so it's rarely, rarely used. The longer it sits at the Court of Appeals, the less likely the Supreme Court is to take it on an expedited basis. To the extent that the Court of Appeals really starts to get their teeth into this, they could jump on this right away."
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