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Maurice Luque Quotes

7 Maurice Luque quotes:

"The house is totaled inside, basically totaled. The fire began in a rear bedroom area but it spread very quickly to the rest of the house."
Author: Luque Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"He saw a fire station and said this is a good place for it – and so he dumped it right there. The driver just didn't want to take any chance with the fire in the truck, so he dumped the load right in front of the fire station."
Author: Luque Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"The house was pretty much (fully) involved in fire when we got there."
Author: Luque Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"What they do is they locate the heat source right away so there's no delay in finding the source of the fire. With books, shelves and other devices in the way, they just followed the thermal image for the heat source and knew exactly where to go."
Author: Luque Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"Having an engine dedicated to the valley is a step in the right direction so other units may remain in their respective areas for proper coverage."
Author: Luque Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"The fire was so intense, it cracked the windows of an apartment unit across the alley and melted the blinds."
Author: Luque Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"At this time, we don't believe this fire is linked to the others."
Author: Luque Quotes Category: Fire Quotes

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