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50 John Ashcroft quotes:

"Today U.S. law enforcement initiated the most aggressive enforcement action to date against illegal software piracy,"
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"The president is willing to back his action up with appropriate resources so we can get the job done,"
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"The Justice Department will defend the ability of our nation's children to pledge allegiance to the American flag by requesting a rehearing en banc [full bench] by the full 9th Circuit,"
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"It is time to separate fully our service to legal immigrants who help build America ... from our enforcement against illegal aliens who violate the laws of America."
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"America is committed to seeing civil liberties protected as a shield for freedom-loving people, not as a sword for freedom-loathing people."
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"I am grateful for the opportunity to announce this unprecedented agreement between the Justice Department and the city of Cincinnati that improves law enforcement and helps prevent the kind of tragic deaths of citizens and police officers that have caused so much pain in Cincinnati during the past several years,"
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"a wake-up call for every airport in America."
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"support a budget that does not come back and honor the agreement which we made with the leadership about substantially increased tax relief for the American people."
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"After an exhaustive review, it remains clear that none of the belatedly produced material raises any doubt about McVeigh's guilt,"
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"From the first days of our administration, honoring the diversity of the American people has been a priority for President Bush and for me,"
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"It's pretty clear that the networks that conduct these kinds of events are harbored and supported, sustained, protected by a variety of foreign governments, ... And it's time for those governments to understand with crystal clarity that the United States of America will not tolerate that kind of support for networks that would inflict that kind of damage on the American people."
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"He's grabbed the agency. He has begun to shift the culture, ... Larry King Live."
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"As an American who cares about our culture, I want to restrict a mass murderer's access to the public podium, ... I do not want anyone to be able to purchase access to the podium of America with the blood of 168 innocent victims."
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"begin a new era of cooperation and coordination in defending America's homeland."
"Today's decision will allow the approved settlement to provide certainty and stability in a vital sector of America's economy,"
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"On behalf of the entire United States Department of Justice, I express our deepest condolences to Jonathan's family, colleagues and friends. We share his family's grief and will provide any support and assistance to help them through this difficult time. All appropriate resources will be dedicated to investigating this matter."
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"If the president has subverted that system which he was sworn to uphold, any president in that situation, I believe, would be susceptible to impeachment, you know, in my view, any president should consider resigning,"
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"simply doesn't provide a benefit and it provides an encumbrance."
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"We will rebuild New York, ... It's our nature, it's our spirit, it's our dedication, it's our commitment."
"Missouri is a compassionate state. And I think that in a very special way, they have demonstrated the compassion which they have, ... And I hope that the outcome of this election is a matter of comfort to Mrs. Carnahan. And I hope that we can all accord her the opportunity to have the kind of necessary recovery time after such a great personal loss."

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