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50 John Ashcroft quotes:

"simply doesn't provide a benefit and it provides an encumbrance."
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"As an American who cares about our culture, I want to restrict a mass murderer's access to the public podium, ... I do not want anyone to be able to purchase access to the podium of America with the blood of 168 innocent victims."
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"Missouri is a compassionate state. And I think that in a very special way, they have demonstrated the compassion which they have, ... And I hope that the outcome of this election is a matter of comfort to Mrs. Carnahan. And I hope that we can all accord her the opportunity to have the kind of necessary recovery time after such a great personal loss."
"support a budget that does not come back and honor the agreement which we made with the leadership about substantially increased tax relief for the American people."
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"We share his family's grief and will provide any support and assistance to help them through this difficult time. All appropriate resources will be dedicated to investigating this matter."
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Grief Quotes
"a wake-up call for every airport in America."
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"It needs to stop, ... Every American has a right to look to law enforcement officials to protect their rights."
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"More eloquently than any attorney general before or since, Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of making justice -- quote -- 'a reality for all God's children,'"
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Richard Reid, like any defendant, is free to plead guilty to criminal charges. The Justice Department has not entered into any plea agreement with Reid."
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"I look upon the position of attorney general with an awesome sense of responsibility, ... If I am confirmed, on my shoulders will rest the responsibility of upholding American justice ... protection of the weak, freedom for the restrained, liberty to the oppressed, and security to every citizen."
"The Justice Department will defend the ability of our nation's children to pledge allegiance to the American flag by requesting a rehearing en banc [full bench] by the full 9th Circuit,"
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"The pending hate crime legislation in Congress is under review in the Justice Department at this time, ... We're inclined to prosecute hate crimes like this one."
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I think Congress will give him a courteous response. I think we are interested in the future. It would be a tragedy if we were displaced from doing our duty because the president is embroiled in this kind of circumstance,"
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"begin a new era of cooperation and coordination in defending America's homeland."
"It is time to separate fully our service to legal immigrants who help build America ... from our enforcement against illegal aliens who violate the laws of America."
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"Last month's Supreme Court ruling that federal judges are not bound by sentencing guidelines is a retreat from justice that may put the public's safety in jeopardy, ... Which of our daughters, wives and husbands -- are we willing to sacrifice to return to revolving door justice."
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"This is not a situation where the Taliban sits in ignorance and says, 'We've got him but we think he's innocent.' This is a time for them to say, 'Yes, we'll deliver him to you, and yes, we'll deliver his network, and we'll make it available, and we'll expose it,'"
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Ignorance Quotes
"The president is willing to back his action up with appropriate resources so we can get the job done,"
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"Tragically, this decision of the court to reverse Congress' prohibition of 'virtual' child pornography has left law enforcement at an extreme disadvantage in the campaign against all child pornography,"
Author: Ashcroft Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I am grateful for the opportunity to announce this unprecedented agreement between the Justice Department and the city of Cincinnati that improves law enforcement and helps prevent the kind of tragic deaths of citizens and police officers that have caused so much pain in Cincinnati during the past several years,"
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