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50 John Ashcroft quotes:

"More eloquently than any attorney general before or since, Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of making justice -- quote -- 'a reality for all God's children,'"
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"We will find the people responsible for these cowardly acts and justice will be done,"
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"I'm very pleased that today our judicial system exercised it responsibility in a way that reinforces justice, ... an additional month of uncertainty."
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"But Justice decided this was a big deal and that the first word should come from the attorney general,"
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"Richard Reid, like any defendant, is free to plead guilty to criminal charges. The Justice Department has not entered into any plea agreement with Reid."
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"Last month's Supreme Court ruling that federal judges are not bound by sentencing guidelines is a retreat from justice that may put the public's safety in jeopardy, ... Which of our daughters, wives and husbands -- are we willing to sacrifice to return to revolving door justice."
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"This is not the end of the journey. This is an important set of first steps essential to the journey's end, but not sufficient to get us there."
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"These individuals are charged with gaining access to secure areas of our airports by lying on security applications, using false or fictitious Social Security numbers or committing various immigration frauds,"
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"I would say that Mr. Thompson and Mr. Olson are very outstanding individuals, whose records of public service, including service with this Department of Justice, are exemplary records. But those are not my announcements to make, ... Those are presidential appointments and they will require, in each case, the confirmation by the United States Senate."
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"It needs to stop, ... Every American has a right to look to law enforcement officials to protect their rights."
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